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Hi, I'm Hannah.

I have been a hair stylist since 2004. I am a native of Wilmington, NC and still live here with my poodle mix, Clark, and my tortie cat, Ruby. When I'm not spending time with my pets and reading or bingeing Criminal Minds or Outlander, I'm watering my giant collection of houseplants, spending time with my family and friends, spoiling their kids, cooking or baking something delicious, traveling, reading, or enjoying a concert. I am a woman of many interests and am always finding a new hobby.


I fell in love with hair when...

I was a little girl. I was obsessed with Barbies and My Little Ponies- especially styling their hair. And if you gave me one that changed color when you put it in warm or cold water- I would be occupied for HOURS! One of my absolute favorite parts of what I do involves the science of it all. I'm a nerd at heart after all.


Fast forward to my early 20s...

I had spent 2 years at NC State University, where I majored in Animal Science. Having started along the path toward veterinary school (I told you I was a nerd!), I had no idea that just a few years later I would find my passion and decided to become a hair stylist instead.


For most of my career

I worked in large salons with numerous talented artists and ambitious owners. During that time, I was fortunate to have various opportunities to grow and learn not only from my coworkers, but from some of the country's top educators. That education became the foundation onto which I have built myself into the stylist that I am today.


Then I decided I wanted something different.

After almost two decades in the hustle and bustle of busy salon life, I decided it was time for something a little more "me". I wanted somewhere more intimate, with fewer distractions, where I could focus more of my attention on my clients. I envisioned a space where my guests and I could kick back, relax, let loose and be ourselves. (Which I will admit means dropping the occasional f-bomb and talking about topics sometimes deemed inappropriate for public conversation! haha )

Alas, Hannah Lewis Hairstyling was born. I opened my little studio and filled it with heart, acceptance, humor, laughter, and fun!


I'm excited to meet you!

If you’re ready to update your style in a salon that wants you to feel relaxed & welcomed, click the button below to learn more about your first visit & request an appointment.

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